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Martin Gonzalez, the director heads our team. He has vast experience from managing his own construction company, working with high end clients, focusing on residential new builds and home renovations.

Martin's success has resulted in being head hunted by multiple TV shows such as Cowboy Builders (Channel 5), Getting the Builders In (BBC One) and Judge Rinder (ITV). These roles included Project Management, Build Expert and Build Team Leader.

Martin was recently asked to become a representative for the Parliamentary Review (2019) to provide insight and feedback for the construction sector.

Not only has Martin a wealth of experience from his years in the building industry, he has also formed multiple relationships with suppliers, contractors and professional services. This has created a platform to offer a variety of savings and comparisons for your upcoming project.

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Design Based Assistance

1. Design Based

This package is extremely important in any build project, as it helps customers streamline through practical and economic advice...

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Contractor Assistance

2. Contractor

This package provides transparency for costs involved with a customer’s project. After we have done our analysis, we are able to review...

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Full Project Management

3. Full Project

Full project management provides peace of mind and removes the stress from a building project. This informal service ensures...

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