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We have extensive experience in the construction and management of various residential projects, including new build, extensions, renovations and conversions.

To find out more about how PBM can save you money, please watch our video with founder Martin Gonzalez.


What package can help you?

Design Based Assistance

1. Design Based

This package is extremely important in any build project, as it helps customers streamline through practical and economic advice...

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Contractor Assistance

2. Contractor

This package provides transparency for costs involved with a customer’s project. After we have done our analysis, we are able to review...

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Full Project Management

3. Full Project

Full project management provides peace of mind and removes the stress from a building project. This informal service ensures...

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Pre-planning advice!

We can provide informal consultation including land assessment, feasibility studies and much more.

Who are we!

Probuild management is founded by Martin Gonzalez who you may recognise from TV shows such as Cowboy Builders and Getting the builders in, where he project managed various episodes. Martin has also owned his own highly successfully construction company for nearly a decade in Berkshire.

Where do we Cover?

PBM currently covers projects throughout the South East of the UK, focusing in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our offices are located in Wokingham, Berkshire, where we are happy to accommodate meetings regarding your project.

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